Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Money dey yab the common man.
E dey bi like pepper for yansh
Gari don cost
She na sansa
Na im poor man go chop?

Gofment say dem wan Deregulate
Shay dem want make the masses Precipitate?
Relocate and parambulate?

Naija pikin wey sabi oyinbo
Go talk say
Di masses are shuffering,
but di tori for di matter be say
no be we all dey go for mass
for insai church
abi, na efiribodi be catholic?

those days, Dem say uncle Sege get church
For insai di Aso villa,
She hin don become pastor now?
Abeg, make our SINators
And house of representakeTIFs
Helep mi ask am
Make hin do beta prayer
For dis we contri too o!

Cos, e bi lai say our sins
For dis obodo naija
Don too plenty
Maybe dat is why we de suffer
Gofment suppose import agric bees
Come dis contri
So dat e go dey flow
Wit milk and honey.
We kuku ma get cow boku
For we north sef,
Abi dem don start to import am too?

Na only shit I no say
Wi pipo no dey import
Our contri is full of shit, man!
Which way, Nigeria?
I remember say Sonny sing dat wan
But, she hin no know say
All of we road do spoil finish?
Make we kuku use ahroplane, abi?

But, na efiri day our gofment pipo
Dey mess (for) up!
Na how we go come do am now?
Abeg, me ah don tire for dis Naija sef!

© Arukaino Umukoro

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