Saturday, September 19, 2009


If the two singles are anything to go by, then Ade Bantu’s upcoming album should expectedly be a smash hit. The multiple Kora Award winner musician, producer and Afropean activist of Nigerian-German descent is presently outside the country putting finishing touches to his next album titled Sound Clash in Lagos. The two singles, Marching to Aso and Show them love have since been rocking the airwaves with its highly charged political lyrics and social message. Show them love, featuring African China campaigns against child abuse in Nigeria, especially in the light of the incident of the Akwa Ibom children who were accused of witchcraft. Marching to Aso, featuring Azadus, resonates with protests about the state of the country; epileptic power supply, fuel scarcity and Niger Delta issues.
Bantu also just finished recording another single, a collabo with Fatai Rolling Dollar. "It's going to be another mega hit," promised one of Bantu's back up vocalists.
With "Sound Clash in Lagos", Bantu hopes to deliver an extra edge to his unique style of music - a fusion of Hip Hop, Reggae, Dancehall, Afrobeat, Fuji and Afrofunk; which he prefers to describe as Wafunk, meaning West African Funk. The artiste, who won two Kora Awards in 2005 for his album “Fuji Satisfaction” (featuring Adewale Ayuba), was recently nominated for the 2009 Channel O Awards for another of his single, Where Di Water. The prestigious award ceremony is slated to hold on October 29 in South Africa.

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