Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Love Is... 

Love is a four-letter word
That touches the bottom of one's heart
And expands it.

Love is a picture
Framed in gold
Showing unending treasures
Painted in beautiful colours

Love is precious.
Love is sweet.
Love is musical.
Love is poetry.

Love is like fire,
Refining fire.
Love is a desire
To be irresistibly desired.

Love is potent.
Love is like a magnet.
Love is an emotion.
Love is tenderness.

Love is passion.
Love is companionship.
Love is a gift.
Love is light.

Love is eternal.
Love is life.
Love is beautiful.
Love is you.

� Arukaino Umukoro

What does love mean to you?


  1. Love is...Love is...Love is...aaaah! I'm sorry Rukky, words fail me even now when I think of how much Love has been shown me. Forgive this failing tongue. They seem good enough for only praise. PRAISE!

  2. Love is water that quenches the thirst of desire