Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nigerian Artistes Sing Against Fuel Subsidy Removal

Nigerian Artiste 'Tha Suspect' and Flavour Nabania have added their vocal skills  to the fuel subsidy removal issue, which has generated a lot of debate and outrage among Nigerians all over the world. "Subsidy matter, na for your pocket... No be say money to build refinery no dey," he argues in the video produced by Capital Hill Music productions. While Flavour expressed his argument in Ibo language.

Many Nigerians have argued that the government should cut down on its expenditure by reducing its cost of governance, as well as its bogus salaries and allowances to officials; instead of removing fuel subsidy it claims could bankrupt the country’s economy. For instance, while most Nigerians live on less than two dollars a day and do not have access to quality health care facilities, a breakdown of the 2012 budget showed that the government budgeted N992.57 million for “feeding” in the Presidency, while N45 million was earmarked for the purchase of kitchen and household equipment, N293 million for “refreshment”. N1.2 billion was also budgeted for The State House Clinic in the Presidency for the improvement of facilities. However, the federal government has argued that it would build new refineries while resuscitating the old ones, as well as reinvest the fuel subsidy money to improve other sectors.

"N200 million to take care of your garden for one year, na the Garden of Eden? N1 billion to chop for one year? Sorry o! You wan use am collect medal for Olympics?" Tha Suspect questions in the video, with beat samples reminiscent of that from the late Afrobeat legend Fela Anikulapo-Kuti in the background.

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