Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ese Peters: Nigeria's Next Rock Music Star?

Remember this name: Ese Peters. This Nigerian singer, guitarist and songwriter, from Warri, Delta State, is blessed with a vocal talent that could propel him to become the country’s next contemporary/rock music star. Well, he also describes himself as a dreamer. But one thing that he doesn’t need to dream about is how really good he can sing and perform love songs.

After last year’s release of his Acoustic EP, which includes the hit single, Gone (Wetin I Go Do), Peters has followed it up with another single; a beautiful composition titled “Omote”, a rock ballad that would leave any girl with a taste for good music swooning for love. Although written and performed in English, Omote is an Urhobo/Isoko word for ‘girl’.

And Omote does have a music soul, untainted by the rush of blood for commercial or mass appeal, as common with many new generation Nigerian artistes. Well, the thing is, this guy doesn’t come across like an uncommon artiste. While there are a lot of foreign influences on his songs, Peters’ evolving music constantly probes the depth of originality, in voice and delivery.

Omote, don’t you know that I’d trade the world for you, just to see you smile and have all that you wish for in life. I would walk, run, pull down every door in your way. And if you fall, I will pick you up. And if you cry, I will dry every tear in your eye. Cos you’re the sweetest thing I know… And you dance. And you fly. And you tear down the walls with your heart. And you run. And you soar... ” With a lush voice that cuts to the heart like John Mayer’s or Dave Matthews’, Peters gushes about his undying love to his ‘Omote’. Laced with romantic clich├ęs, the song may just be a runaway hit with the way he makes the listener believe again in love. “Omote is an honest declaration of love. Honesty is a rare commodity in today’s world. It is one lover telling the other; ‘I’ll be there for you’. I think we all need that every once in a while. It is raw and passionately painful. It is truth. It is real life, that’s what makes it special,” he told me.

Once an independent artiste, Ese Peters signed a record deal with AbOriginal Music, after last year’s release of his Acoustic EP. Watch out for Omote, which is due for release on Thursday, September 27, online, including on this blog, on Spinlets and iTunes, as well as on radio stations nationwide.

Omote... Two words: simply beautiful.

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