Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Music (Nigeria): 'Omote' by Ese Peters

If you’re expecting the normal party song with lots of swashbuckling beats for commercial appeal, then it may not be this. However, ‘Omote’, by Ese Peters; a Nigerian artiste who performs rock ballads, is a beautiful composition definitely worth listening to, whether you're a fan or not. This guy sings so beautifully. What “Omote” lacked in party beats, it pulled off with some depth and soul, and probably would become a choice request for wedding ceremonies, receptions, romantic getaways, or just to woo that beautiful and special girl somewhere.

“AbOriginal Music is proud to present “Omote” – the brand new single from Alternative Nigerian Singer/Songwriter and producer Ese Peters. Debuting as the first single from his forthcoming self-titled EP, the Sizzle-produced “Omote” is a soaring ballad that is very much vintage Ese Peters. Backed by lush acoustic guitars, resounding string arrangements and subtle drum patterns, over which Ese Peters effortlessly but compellingly displays his soulful vocal tones, undeniable singing abilities and heart-tugging song writing dexterity, “Omote” is a brilliantly crafted Rock ballad that not only cuts straight to the heart of its listener but also sets Ese Peters well apart from anything that is in Nigerian’s musical landscape in 2012,” read the statement from AbOriginal Music, the label Peters signed on with after last year’s release of his AcousticEP.

A hit song? With the right marketing and distribution strategy- online and offline, lots of air plays on radio stations; and probably a little more, it could be. And it would definitely be worth the spot at the top of the charts.

Listen and enjoy: "Omote", which was officially released today, Thursday, September 27.

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