Friday, December 4, 2009


‘De ja vu’ was written all over Group B as Nigeria is to play against Argentina, Greece and South Korea in South Africa 2010 World Cup, just like it was in USA 1994 World Cup. The only difference is South Korea. Bulgaria was the other team in the same group with Nigeria, Argentina and Greece.

It looks tough with Argentina (two-time World Cup champions), Greece (2004 European champions) and South Korea (2002 World Cup semi-finalist). But, maybe, just maybe, if the Super Eagles get their acts right, they could qualify from this group.

Trust the English press. They have already labelled England's grouping with USA, Slovenia and Algeria as a 'dream draw'. Well, on paper, Capello's men look like they would walk through Group C into the second round.

Ah oh, South Africa, not only would they face two Latin American countries (Mexico and Uruguay) they have to face 1998 World Cup champions, France, Thierry Henry, and probably another 'Le Hand'. They should seek consultations from Diouf and his Senegal bunch from 1998.

At least they are not in the Group of death containing Brazil, Portugal, Cote D’Ivoire and Korea DPR. Imagine Cristiano Ronaldo versus his Real Madrid teammate Kaka, and Drogba-Kalou versus Alex- Belleti or Deco-Bosingwa.

Final Draw for FIFA 2010 World Cup: South Africa 2010
Group A South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay,France
Group B Argentina, Nigeria, South Korea, Greece
Group C England, USA, Algeria, Slovenia
Group D Germany, Australia, Serbia, Ghana
Group E Holland, Denmark, Japan, Cameroon
Group F Italy, Paraguay, New Zealand, Slovakia
Group GBrazil, Korea DPR, Ivory Coast, Portugal
Group H Spain, Switzerland, Honduras, Chile

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