Sunday, December 6, 2009


Kev-olution. Or is it the Big Brother Africa 4, Revolution?

Well, I am not exactly a fan of Big Brother Africa. But for the sake of information, it's worth mentioning that a Nigerian, Kevin, walked away with the $200,000 prize at the grand finale of the 2009 Big Brother Africa Revolution, which ended tonight in South Africa.

'Swagger pass Swagger', said the inscription on the T-shirt Kevin's father wore at the finale. While D-Banj, 'you don make me fall in love' played in the background as Kevin came out of the house to be officially named winner of Big Brother Africa (Revolution) 2009, presented by a Nigerian, IK Osakodiuwa.

Congratulations, Kevin. He sure represented 'Naija' very well. Of course, more fame, fortune and endorsement deals should follow for the entertaining young man when he gets back to Naija base.

"JOStified"...hmnn, I like that coinage.

And Bow Wow also put up a wow performance at the show finale.

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