Saturday, May 28, 2011


Picture credits: RNW Africa
Nigeria celebrated Children’s Day yesterday, May 27. While the country celebrates President Goodluck Jonathan's inauguration tomorrow, May 29. Asides the fact that a closely knitted family is crucial to the overall development of the child, May 27 is an important reminder of the roles these Heavenly gifts would eventually play in national development. Rightly so, children have been aptly labelled as the leaders of tomorrow. Thus, if fundamental change has to happen in any country, the country's children must be raised in the proper way to guarantee a credible future. They must be nurtured right to instill into them the right morals, virtues and leadership qualities.

When God wanted to bless a man & a woman (Abraham & Sarah), He gave a child. When He wanted to save a country (Israel), He gave a child. When He wanted to save the world, He gave a child. Children are the best gifts from God because they are products of Love, the greatest gift. Giving as an act of Love will always provoke the Blessings from Heaven

Children, no matter the circumstances surrounding their entry into the world, are God's priceless gifts to humanity. Parents, individuals, society, corporate organizations and governments must learn to constantly appreciate them and so give them a pride of place on this earth. If we must invest in the future in a country and the world, we need to invest and empower children to be the best they can be today. Building future leaders doesn't start tomorrow. It starts today.

As we celebrate another successful democratic transition on May 29, let us remember to to wholly invest in the country's future today: the Nigerian child.

God bless Nigeria.

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