Monday, May 23, 2011


(A tribute to love, passion and football)

You’re worthy
Of every dime
Cos you’re priceless
Every moment with you
Is precious
Cos you’re true beauty

I’m enchanted by your grace
And mesmerising moves,
I desire to be wowed by you
Cos you’re my Arsenal
I love your strength and passion
Cos you’re my Chelsea
I would never leave you to walk alone
Cos you’re my Liverpool
I believe in you
19 x 999 times over.
You make my dreams come true
Cos you’re my Man U

I would stay fiercely loyal to you
I won’t trade places with another
Cos you’re my Real Madrid
My classy, number one Galactico
You’re more than my woman
You’re my passion, my inspiration
Cos you’re my Barcelona
You’re my love, my life
My pride
My heartbeat.

Even if you’re West Ham
Enyimba or Shooting Stars
I will catch you when you fall
I fall and rise with you
We fall and rise together
I die and live with you
We live and die together
I breathe with you
I breathe for you
We breathe together

I die with you
I lose with you
I win with you
I live with you
I cry with you
I laugh with you
I will fight for you
In season and out of season
Together we would go
Through the weather
I will love you forever

For me
You'll always be a winner.

I would be your number one cheerleader
I will cheer you up when you’re down
I will cheer you up from the stands
I will inspire you
To inspire me
Together we would mesmerize the world
With your divine gift
And amazing qualities

I will play with you in the field
Through your pains and gains
I will stick with you
In the mud and rain

I will hold you close
I will keep you warm
I will never let you go
I will walk with you
I will fly with you.
I will glide with you.

I would help you to be your very best
I will be your coach, your best critic,
I will be your therapist,
I will be your passionate fan
I will be your teammate
I will be your lover,
I will be your best friend;
I will help you
To win games,
To be the very best
I will help you
Through everything.

For me
You’re more than just another sport.

You’re the blood
That courses through my veins
You're my eternal adrenaline
You give me the energy
To take on the world & win
You're my unbridled passion
My glory

Just be my Special One
And I promise to win you
Unending trophies
Nothing else would do
But all of you
Cos I’m your number one fan
For life.

© Arukaino Umukoro

(Full version first performed at TARUWA001, which held at Bogobiri, Ikoyi, Lagos on May 17, 2011)

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